Ep. #12 How MarketPryce is Democratizing Marketing for Women Athletes


In Ep. #12, Caroline interviews Jason Bergman, the Co-Founder & CEO of MarketPryce. Jason is a firm believer that all athletes should have fair access to marketing & endorsement opportunities. At MarketPryce, Jason and his team work to remove many of the institutional barriers that are in place between women athletes and their ability to capitalize on their talents.

The rise of social media has contributed to the massive increase in the support of women’s sports over the past few years. Women’s sports teams, leagues and players no longer need to wait for traditional media and networks to give them opportunities; social media has proven to be a huge value generator for women athletes. Across the sports industry, women’s sports teams & athletes consistently deliver meaningful results on social media which has demonstrated the marketing power of women athletes. 

Enter MarketPryce. In an increasing digital age of sports, brands are look more & more to work directly with athletes as social media influencers. MarketPryce is disrupting to the sports industry by empowering women athletes to take marketing into their own hands and connect directly with brands that are interested in working with them.

At MarketPryce, Jason and his team believe its good business to invest in women's sports, and they're working to create a new opportunities for women athletes to get compensated fairly for their work, labor, name, image, and likeness. 

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