How can I be a guest on the podcast? Great question! GOALS is always looking for leaders in women's sports to interview and share their insights on the podcast. If you think you align with the GOALS mission and can help move the dialogue forward, please don’t hesitate to reach out so that we can explore a possible collaboration. Click here to get in touch.

What is GOALS? GOALS is a place where women's sports business and activism intersect. Our primary GOALS is to prove that it's good business to be in the business of women's sports, and we do that by providing leaders in the women's sports industry the information they need to change the game. We're here to help you find community, resources, and allyship on your journey. 

How will GOALS help me? GOALS will consistently provide quality content by way of our podcast, newsletter, Instagram, Twitter, and so much more. We will explore all things related to women’s sports industry.

How can I best utilize GOALS? You can show up here regularly. Read and listen - digest all the amazing content and don’t forget to share with other leaders in women's sports. Share everything that speaks to you. We are all a community and it will take all of us to change the game.

How often do you send emails? Once a week! Every Friday, we send a weekly newsletter dedicated to the business of women's sports. The #GOALS of the newsletter is to deliver the information leaders in the women's sports industry need to change the game. 

Where else can I stay connected? You can follow GOALS on Twitter @goals_sports_ and on Instagram @goals_sports_. You can also subscribe to our podcastand you can sign up our newsletter here.