GOALS is the first-ever marketing & sponsorship agency that is solely focused on women’s sports.

The stories are all too common: pay gaps on & off the field, exploitation, lower endorsements, poor facilities, minimal acknowledgements, lack of coverage; the list is endless. Women's sports deserve more. More money. More sponsors. More opportunities. More support. More coverage. More power. Much, much more.

At GOALS, we believe women’s sports are the most exciting trend in the sports industry right now - and the most undervalued. Currently, women's sports receive less than 1% of global sponsorship dollars, despite research that shows that sponsors of women’s sports teams have better returns on their investments than sponsors of men’s sports teams.

Women's sports are a largely untapped market with high growth potential, and we have set-out to show brands, networks, and people in general that it's good business to invest in women's sport. We do this through our social media channels, weekly sports business newsletterThe Business Case For Women's Sports podcast, and by our core business, which is working directly with organizations in the women's sports space and developing strategic brand partnerships & sponsorships on their behalf.

GOALS was founded by Caroline Fitzgerald in August of 2020. Learn more about Caroline here