Ep. #13 Money, Market Share & Growing Women's Sports


In Ep. #13, Caroline sits down with Chrissi Sanders, a thought-leader in the women's sports industry. In addition to being a Licensed Mortgage Banker, Chrissi is the founder of Next Play, a global full-service sports advisory firm. Chrissi is dedicated to helping her clients increase their brand footprint, market share & wealth. 

For a long time, women have been discouraged from discussing money. Chrissi is on a mission to remove this out-dated stigma, and normalize financial discussions within the women's sports industry. 

In this episode, hear Chrissi outline her key recommendations for how women athletes can build lasting wealth, and how the women's sports can unlock more market share in the sports industry. 

Want to hear more from Chrissi? Every week, Chrissi leads a Women’s Sports Business Chat on Clubhouse, that brings together leaders across the women’s sports industry to talk about investments, endorsements, data, and more. 

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