Ep. #18 Breaking Down The Fan Project & The Business Potential For Women's Sports


In Ep. #18, Caroline welcomes Angela Ruggiero, the CEO & Co-Founder of Sports Innovation Lab, back on the podcast to discuss the findings of The Fan Project - and the untapped business potential of women's sports. 

In February of 2021, Angela & her team at Sports Innovation Lab launched The Fan Project, which was a coordinated effort across the sports industry to collect and analyze women's sports fan data. 

5 months and 10 million data points later, Sports Innovation Lab released The Fan Project report, which uses the collected data to paint a picture of women’s sports fans like never before, prove the business potential for women's sports, and provide a business model for brands to optimize their investments in women's sports. 

In this episode, hear Caroline & Angela break-down this glass-shattering report, and discuss all of the ways that women's sports are an untapped market with high growth potential. 

Listen to the full episode on SpotifyApple Podcastsor Amazon Music, and download The Fan Project Report here: https://www.thefanproject.co/.