Ep. #23 Empowering the Influence of the Female Fan, ft. Jenna Mielnicki


In Ep. #23, Caroline talks with Jenna Mielnicki - the Senior Vice President and Head of Partnership Strategies for LEARFIELD - about the growing influence and presence of women within college athletics. 

In March of 2022, LEARFIELD published the Empowering the Influence of the Female Fan Intercollegiate Fan Pulse Report, which leveraged tens of millions of data points to demonstrate the growing economic power and influence of female college sports fans.

According to the report, female fans account for 48% of college sports followers across social media; 32% of basketball and 34% of football viewers are women; women’s basketball saw the highest increase in followers across both genders from October of 2022 until March of 2022. 

The report also points out that as women influence 85% of all consumer spending, brands would be wise to better understand and connect with female fans in order to drive their business. 

In this episode, hear Jenna break down these findings and make the business case for why brands should invest in female fans - and women in sports. 

Full episode available on SpotifyApple Podcastsor Amazon Music, and download the Empowering the Influence of the Female Fan here: https://www.learfield.com/femalefans/