Ep. #33 Two Years Later: The Story Behind the 2021 NCAA Basketball Weight Room Photos, ft. Ali Kershner

In Ep. #33, Caroline sits down with Ali Kershner, the Director of Creative Strategy at the Art of Coaching and was formerly the Associate Olympic Sports Performance Coach of the Stanford Women’s Basketball & Golf teams.
On March 18, 2021, Ali shared comparison photos of the men’s & women’s weight room and strength & conditioning facilities at the NCAA March Madness basketball tournaments. The photos, along with Sedona Prince's TikTok video, went viral to expose the disparities between the men’s & women’s tournaments. 
Ali's activism set forth a global conversation around gender inequities in NCAA college basketball - and sports in general - that continues to this day. In this episode, hear Ali tell the story behind her whistleblowing at the the 2021 NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament and what it was like to pour fuel on the fire of the women's sports movement.
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