Ep. #34 The Story Behind highlightHER and "The WNBA is so important" ft. Ari Chambers

In Ep. #34, Caroline interviews Ari Chambers. Named a Forbes 30 under 30 honoree in 2021 and one of Sports Illustrated's 100 Influential Women in Sports in 2022, Ari is best known for her work covering the WNBA and NCAA women’s basketball, and founding the platform highlightHER, which is Bleacher Report’s dedicated women’s sports content channels, and one of the fastest growing women's sports platforms that exists today with over 215K instagram followers.

Ari's work it known and celebrated across the sports industry,  but one of things Ari is best known for is the statement: “The WNBA is so important" - which she first tweeted back in 2017. 

In this episode, hear Ari tell the story behind founding highlightHER, sparking a movement with her seemingly simple tweet, and why she's defined her purpose of as advocating for women's equity & empowerment through sports.

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