Ep. #37 A Day in the Life as a Women's Sports Business Reporter, ft. Amanda Christovich

In Ep. #37, hear Amanda Christovich - a reporter at Front Office Sports - talk about what it's like working full-time to cover the business of women's both college & professional sports. 

In her role at Front Office Sports, Amanda mainly covers the business of the college sports industry, as well as the business of women's professional sports.

In the sports industry, it's rare to come across a reporter that covers the business side of women’s sports. Women’s sports currently receives around 4% of total media coverage, and the business side of women’s sports receives even less. Amanda is one of only a handful of full-time sports business reporters in the world that is charged by her company to cover the women's sports industry. 

In this episode, hear Amanda talk about her role at Front Office Sports, how she is encouraged and empowered to cover women's sports, and what she thinks needs to happen to create more gender equity across all of sports media. 

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