Ep. #39 How Ginny Gilder and the Seattle Storm Have Raised the Bar for all of Women's Sports, ft. Ginny Gilder

In episode #39, hear Ginny Gilder - an Olympic silver medalist, an author, the founder & CEO of an investment business, and co-owner of the WNBA's Seattle Storm - talk about her incredible journey over the last 40 years to fight for the rights and opportunities for women in sport. 

From participating in an iconic protest as part of Yale's rowing team in 1976, to joining as a co-owner of the Seattle Storm in 2008, Ginny's activism, work and leadership has contributed to the creation of a tremendous about of gender equity in sport. 

In this episode, hear Ginny & Caroline discuss:

  • Ginny's time rowing at Yale, which included protesting for Title IX compliance.
  • The story behind Ginny, Dawn Trudeau, Lisa Brummel buying the Seattle Storm back in 2008. 
  • The 50th anniversary of Title IX, and what the law has meant for women in sports.
  • What Ginny finds most exciting about the current landscape of women's sports.
...and of course, why Ginny believes it's good business to invest in women's sports. 

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