Ep. #40 How Parity is Creating Financial Opportunities for Women Athletes, ft. Alana Casner & Phil Thomson

In episode #40, hear Alana Casner and Phillippa Thomson talk about the work they do at Parity to close the gender pay gap in sports by creating financial opportunities for women athletes. 

The team at Parity does this by matching athletes with inclusive and equitable brand partners. Not only do they believe fundamentally that women athletes should be paid more – but also that their voices are untapped resources that can help brands grow. Parity uses proprietary data analytics and impactful marketing strategies to help its roster of over 800 women athletes earn more revenue through brand partnerships, NFTs, and more. 

As Parity’s Vice President of Content & Strategy and Parity’s Chief Data Scientist and Interim Chief Technology Officer, Alana and Phil work together - with the entire Parity team - to close the sponsorship gap in sports by creating data-driven brand partnerships between women athletes and brands. In this episode, here more about how Parity is taking the movement for equity into their own hands.

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