Ep. #41 How the Trailblazing Sports Group is Working to Elevate Women's Sports, ft. Sara Gotfredson

In Ep. #41, hear from Sara Gotfredson - the Founder of the Trailblazing Sports Group, which is a new, mission-based, female-founded sports marketing company focused on elevating women's sports via storytelling and brand partnerships.

Sara is a seasoned sports marketing executive with nearly 20 years in digital and traditional media experience and brand building with ESPN and the Walt Disney Company. She has long believed that brands have the power to make an impact in the financial success of women’s sports, AND investment in women’s sports is good for business and the bottom line. 

In this episode, hear Caroline interview Sara to hear the story behind why Sara founded Trailblazing Sports Group, and how Sara and her team have gone into business with the singular focus of increasing investment in women’s sports fueled by storytelling and strategic partnerships that scale. 

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