Ep. #43 How Ally & Sports Innovation Lab are Teaming Up to Close the Gender Media Gap in Sports, ft. Gina Waldhorn

In Ep. #43, Caroline sits down with Gina Waldhorn - the Chief Marketing Officer at Sports Innovation Lab - to discuss Sports Innovation Lab’s work to grow women’s sports, including teaming up with Ally to launch the Women’s Sports Club; a club that will assemble a cohort of businesses that buy and sell sports media and sponsorships with a shared goal to elevate investments in women’s sports.

The innovative launch of the Women’s Sports Club is par for the course for both SIL and Ally, two brands that have a demonstrated history of investing in and championing women’s sports.

  • Sports Innovation Lab has been leading the way when it comes to generating the data & reports that show the business value & opportunities within women’s sports. (See: The Fan Project)
  • In May of 2022, Ally announced a five-year initiative called the 50-50 Pledge, vowing to reach parity across its media spending in men’s and women’s sports - and since then has been taking big action to invest in women athletes.

In this episode, learn more about the Women’s Sports Club and the work Gina and the team at Sports Innovation Lab are doing to make the business case for women’s sports through data, research and partnerships. 

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