Ep. #44 How Angel City F.C. Booked $35 Million in Sponsorship Revenue Before Playing a Single Game, ft. Jess Smith

In Ep. #44, Caroline interviews Jess Smith - the Head of Revenue at the Angel City Football Club - to discuss how the Los Angeles-based NWSL team booked $35 million in sponsorship revenue before playing a single game. 

Women's sports currently receive only 1% of global sports sponsorship dollars, but despite this massive disparity, there is one team in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) that has managed to take sponsorship results for women’s sports properties to new heights.

The Angel City Football Club found success in building a new model for how to drive sponsorship revenue in professional women's sports. The Angel City Sponsorship Model, which allocates 10% of the value of every Angel City F.C. sponsorship deal to a community program in the Los Angeles area, has resonated with brands and contributed to the franchise’s successful business development efforts. 

In this episode, hear Jess talk about ACFC's innovative approach to brand partnerships, and how the club is working relentlessly to become the first women’s sports team with a $1 billion valuation. 

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