Ep. #48 The Story Behind SHOT:CLOCK - A 'Facts Only' Women's Sports Media Platform, ft. Mara Fitzgerald

In Ep. #48, Caroline shared the microphone with Mara Fitzgerald - who happens to be Caroline’s sister, and the creator of SHOT:CLOCK which is a 'facts only' women's sports media platform. 

In August of 2018, Caroline and Mara were frustrated that women’s sports weren’t receiving more media coverage.

After a lot of brainstorming on a Fitzgerald Family vacation, SHOT:CLOCK was born as an Instagram account that would highlight the world of women’s sports by sharing news, data and relevant content.

While Caroline has since pivoted away from SHOT:CLOCK to go all-in on GOALS and The Business CaseFor Women's Sports podcast, Mara has remained steadfast in her work to grow SHOT:CLOCK into one of the go-to women’s sports media platforms for ‘facts only’ updates around women’s sports.

Today, SHOT:CLOCK has over 13K dedicated followers - all grown from the work Mara puts in in her free time - as her work as an architectural engineer in the construction industry remains her full-time profession. 

In this episode, hear Mara & Caroline tell the whole story behind the creation of SHOT:CLOCK, and how Mara continues to make waves across women’s sports with every SHOT:CLOCK post she creates.

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