Ep. #5 How OnPar Now is Disrupting the Women's Golf Industry


In Ep. #5, of The Business Case for Women's Sports, Caroline sits down with Jan Receski, the Founder & CEO of OnPar Now - a brand new state-of-the-art indoor golf facility in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

After an incredibly successful 30-year career, Jan is entering the women’s golf business. She started OnPar Now to create an inclusive space where no one would be excluded from the game of golf.

Jan recognized that the women's golf industry is a growth opportunity that is ripe for disruption, and the team at OnPar Now is on a mission to change the women's golf game forever. 

Listen to the full episode on SpotifyApple Podcastsor Amazon Music - and all listeners in Pittsburgh, PA can use the code GOALS to receive 50% off their first lesson at OnPar Now.