Ep. #51 The Story Behind Rithmm: A Predictive Analytics Tool that Makes it Easy to Make Smart Sports Bets, ft. Megan Lanham

In this episode of The Business Case For Women’s Sports, presented by Ally, we meet Megan Lanham, the Co-Founder & CEO of Rithmm

Rithmm is a personalized predictive analytics tool for sports betting that aims to make it easy to make smart bets. Rithmm simplifies sports analytics for everyday bettors. 

Their team of PhDs, data scientists, and machine learning engineers helps betters build their own analytical models and get personalized recommendations so they can make smarter bets. 

In this episode, hear Megan explain how Rithmm is disrupting the sports betting landscape, and share more about their plans to get into the business of women’s sports.

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