Ep. #63 Introducing B. Partners: A Female-Founded Consulting Agency That's Changing the Game and Making it Rain, ft. Laura Miranda & Ariana Rae Diverio

In episode #63 of 🎙️The Business Case For Women’s Sports, presented by Ally, meet Laura Miranda & Ariana Rae Diverio - the Co-Founders of B. Partners. 

Newly launched, B. Partners is a first-of-its-kind consulting agency, specializing in brand-building and revenue generation.

B. Partners is a female and minority-founded commercial consulting group specializing in accelerating growth for consumer brands and commercial properties. 

Their unique approach to business delivers exponential revenue results using assets that are often overlooked - which includes women's sports. 

Laura & Ariana are on a mission to generate $1 billion in total projected earnings in the next 5 years for their clients - and their hope is that a big portion of that goes into the women’s sports ecosystem. 

In this episode, hear Laura and Ariana share the story behind the creation of B. Partners, and why they believe in the power of partnerships to change the game for women in sports.

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