Ep. #67 How empowHERed is Creating More Opportunities for Women in the Sports Industry, ft. Samantha Ward & Meghan O’Donnell

In episode #67 of 🎙️The Business Case For Women’s Sports, presented by Ally, Caroline interviews Samantha Ward & Meghan O’Donnell - two seasoned sports industry professionals & entrepreneurs that recently launched a platform called empowHERed.

Launched in 2023, empowHERed exists to create more opportunities for women in the sports industry through professional development, mentorship, networking, and mental health resources.

Meghan & Samantha are passionate about creating a sports world that is welcoming, safe and inclusive of women because they know how overwhelming it can be to break into, advance, or even just exist as a woman in sports.

Through empowHERed, they’re providing women with more professional development resources so they can excel within sports.

In this episode, listen to the story behind empowHERed, and why Meghan & Samantha believe that helping women excel professionally in sports is one of the keys to creating a more equitable sports world.⚡

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