Ep. #71 The Story Behind SPRHRA: A Sportswear Company That’s Giving Female Athletes Freedom To Perform, ft. Marina Paul

In episode #71 of 🎙️The Business Case For Women’s Sports, presented by Ally, hear Marina Paul tell the story behind her new sportswear company, SPRHRA.

Marina Paul is on a mission to create more female superheroes - or SPRHRAs. As a lifelong athlete, Marina realized a gap in sports apparel for female athletes. 

After interviewing 150+ high-performing female athletes from all different sports, she realized most female athletes had the same concerns. 

Marina realized that female athletes waste significant time and energy re-adjusting their sports apparel to fit them since historically, there has been very little sportswear built for how female athletes play, move, and live. 

As a result, Marina set-out to create SPRHRA and eliminate the restrictions placed on female athletes.

In this episode, hear Marina tell the story of behind the creation of SPRHRA, and what’s it's like starting an innovative business with a mission of empowering women athletes everywhere.⚡

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