Ep. #83 How Valeur is working to be the Voice of Pay Equity Within the Sports Industry, ft. Arianna Criscione

In episode #83 of 🎙️The Business Case For Women’s Sports, presented by Ally, Caroline sat down with Arianna Criscione, the Co-Founder of Valeur.

Arianna is an ex professional football player who has mixed her on-field knowledge with her off-field business acumen to become an expert in women’s football.⚽️

In addition to being on the founding team of Mercury 13, Arianna and Co-Founder, Preeti Shetty decided to start Valeur because they know that women in sport are underpaid and they want to help change that.💪

Valeur is working to be the voice of pay equity within the sports industry, empowering women with the tools, skills, and networks to overcome institutional bias, and raise the perceived value of women across sports.⚡️

In this episode, hear Arianna & Caroline discuss Arianna’s journey through football that has led her to now doing this work to get women in sports compensated appropriately.🏆