Ep. #89 How Amanda Hazer is Helping Women Athletes Transition to Life Beyond Sports, ft. Amanda Hazer

In episode #89 of 🎙️The Business Case For Women’s Sports, presented by Ally, meet Amanda Hazer, a “next quarter coach for women athletes.” 

With a background in neuroscience and an MBA in innovation and product development, Amanda is now the Founder of Amanda Hazer Consulting

In 2023, Amanda decided to take her skills and help women — specifically athletes — to use behavioral change to prepare for a fulfilling life beyond their sport. 

Through her consulting practice, Amanda works with women athletes as they transition through and beyond sports to their next chapter. 

She collaborates alongside athletes, coaches, and administrators to understand the layers to an athlete’s identity, to learn how they see value and purpose in their life and work, and then help them walk confidently into whatever's next.

In this episode, hear Amanda make the “business case” for why it’s essential to support women athletes through all phases of their athletic journey, including retirement.

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